FA visualization


Welcome to the invadopodia analysis webserver, hosted from Shawn Gomez's lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This website implements a set of computer vision algorithms designed to automatically identify, track and quantify invadopodia structures in time-lapse image sets. Two sets of images are required for processing: one image set showing the location of the invadopodia and another set showing the concentration of ECM underneath each cell. This service has been tested using invadopodia marked with Lifeact-GFP and ECM labeled with RFP, but any invadopodia/ECM marked set of images should work. This work has not been published yet, but a paper is being written describing the methods.

If you have any problems with the website, questions about the results or suggestions for improvements, please email me (matthew.berginski [AT] gmail.com).

Need an image set for testing? Download a set of puncta images here and corresponding ECM images here.

Want to see what the results look like? Download a processed set of images here.